Looking for some treasure? If you have a smartphone with GPS and a sense of adventure, then treasure awaits you in West Virginia’s state parks! Individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet. GPS users then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache provides the site visitor with a wide variety of rewards. All the visitor is asked to do is if they take something they should try to leave something for the cache. For more information, visit www.geocaching.com. Happy searching!


Audra State Park

It’s a Cave, Man!
The Coolest Tree in Audra
Monty Pylon
Aliza’s Audra Cache
Ava’s Audra Cache

Babcock State Park

Old Stone Building
Glade Creek Waterfall

Beartown State Park

Goldilock’s Worst Nightmare Earthcache

Beech Fork State Park

Bikers Mile
Road Closed

Blackwater Falls State Park

Shay’s Run
C. E. WIL2ON Cache

Cacapon Resort

Cacapon Oriskany Sandstone Earthcache
The Walk
The Hike
The Stroll
Cacapon Mountain – The Overlook TB Hotel
Cacapon Mountain – The Meander
Cacapon Mountain – The Trek
Cacapon Mountain – The Journey’s End
Nature Center @ Cacapon State Park
Cacapon State Park – Welcome
Stone Gate

Camp Creek State Park

My Favorite Kennedy
My Favorite Washington
My Favorite Penny

Canaan Valley Resort State Park

Mossy Oak Cache
The Links
Easy Does It
Triple Club
Scenic View One + Two
RxScientist’s Elementary Cache
Lallybroch Cache

Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park

Carnifex Mystery
Patterson’s Picnic
Spectacular Views

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

ExploreWV Geocoin Challenge #27

Cathedral State Park

Troll’s Treasure at Cathedral State Park

Cedar Creek State Park

Cedar Chest
Three the Hard Way
And Baby Makes Three

Chief Logan State Park

Steam Power (Letterbox)

Coopers Rock

Top of the Rocks
Mountain Bikers Cache
Wanna Go To The Can On Ridge Trail
Scott Run Excursion
Clay Run Copper
havelotsfun CLAYRUNHIKE
Chestnut Ridge Lake Cache
Abandon Hope…
Jen in Wonderland
Indycam’s Picnic Spot
Raven’s rock trail, favMos first cache
Patrick’s Scout Project
The Gold Bug

Fairfax Stone

Fairfax Stone

Holly River

Holly River Cache
Dreamers Meadow Cache
Tater Cache

Kanawha State Forest

Tea Time
Follow the River Home
Polly Want a Cache?
Gator Bait Returns
The Road Not Taken – Final Answer

Kumbrabow State Forest

Hanging Around Kumbrabow SF
Raven Rocks

Lost River

Cranny Crow

Moncove Lake State Park

Devil’s Creek Cache 1 of 4
Devil’s Creek Cache 2 of 4
Devil’s Creek Cache 3 of 4
Devil’s Creek Cache 4 of 4

North Bend Rail Trail

North Bend Cache (NB Rail Trail)
Buckeye Creek
Welcome to Salem
Sherwood Like a Flashlight
Middle Island Creek is Born

North Bend State Park

Friends of WV State Parks
Where The Wild Things Are
There are Giants in these Woods

Pinnacle Rock State Park

Pinnacle Rock: A Geological Landmark
WV Pinnacle Rock

Pipestem State Park

Farm Pond
Barney Law Homesite
County Line Cache
Lake Shore Trail Cache

Tomlinson Run State Park

Fairview Woolen Mill
Hartford’s Grist Mill
Mineral Springs
Up Underneath
Rock the Hilltop

Tu-Endie-Wei State Park

Confluence – Ohio & Kanawha Rivers

Twin Falls Resort State Park

Cliffside Cache

Tygart Lake State Park

Dogwood Trail
Old Foundation
TLSP #2: Welcome to the Park
TLSP #3 Scab Run
TLSP #5: High Water
TLSP #6: Shady Meadow
TLSP #7: Enchanted Forest
TLSP #8: Hard Times
Hillside Treasure
Keep on Climbing
Taylor County Geotrail: Tygart Lake State Park

Valley Falls State Park

Country Roads


Ranger’s Cache
Lenna’s Cache

Watters Smith Memorial

Watters Smith Memorial
Hershey-White Oak Trail

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