Become a friend of West Virginia State Parks by participating in our Very Important Parks Person Program (VIPP). Joining is easy! Do you frequent state parks? Appreciate the beauty and natural wonder of our forests? Do you attend special park events, activities and programs? If that’s you, then you already are a Very Important Parks Person.

Become a Very Important Parks Person Today!

Make your VIPP status official. Enroll in the Very Important Parks Person Program today. By visiting designated facilities and completing requirements, you’ll receive a patch and $25 gift card for use at any park or forest.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today! A lifetime of enjoyment at state parks and forests awaits. To enroll, call (304) 558-2764, or use the form below.

VIPP focused activity or events planned:

Winter Dinner at Cacapon Resort State Park

Registration of additional individuals at the same address.

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