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Known as West Virginia’s “top” state park, Tomlinson Run State Park lies along the Ohio River, near the tip of the Northern Panhandle. The park's 1,398 acres are divided into two sections: a wilderness area with heavily forested hills, overhanging cliffs of sandstone and shale, and many wildflowers and fauna, and a developed area with traditional park offerings. The park features a wide array of recreational activities including hiking, fishing, boating and swimming. Tomlinson Run also offers unique camping experiences with its yurt and camper cabin rentals.


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Tomlinson Run State Park was built where several grist mills operated in the 1800s. In the 1930s, land was purchased and developed into a state park, with construction supervised by the National Conservation Commission. The park opened in 1940, and over the following years, buildings and other facilities were constructed for various purposes, many of which are still in use today. Several improvements have been made in recent years, including a swimming pool, an expanded campground and the addition of yurts, for a new type of camping experience.

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Disc Golf

Tomlinson Run State Park offers an 18-hole disc golf course. The first hole starts at the state park’s swimming pool. The first 9-holes are easy walking and playing, however the back nine is challenging. Woodland hazards come into play and sharpen a player’s skill set and accuracy.

Bring your own disc or purchase a disc at park headquarters, as available. There is no fee to play.


Need an area for a picnic or family get-together? The park offers four picnic shelters which can be reserved by the day for a modest fee. Otherwise, picnic shelters are available on a first-come, first served basis, so be sure to reserve in advance if you’ve got something special planned!


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Beech Trail

Starting point is across Country Road from the Old Mill Site entrance. Follows ridge above road to view of valley, then down to Tomlinson Run Stream and back to Country Road and across bridge to starting point.

Walking time: 35 minutes

Blaze: Yellow

Big Foot Trail

Starting point is 300 feet up the road from the picnic area gate. The trail follows shore about lake to north fork of the lake. Return the same way or take road back to starting point.

Walking time: 1 hour

Blaze: Red

Fern Trail

Starting point is at the entrance to the picnic area. Follows small stream to head, then makes sharp right. Follow trial to boat dock parking lot, then take road back to starting point.

Walking time: 20 minutes

Blaze: Orange

Laurel Trail

Starting point is the Old Mill Site. Follows Tomlinson Run Stream into the Wilderness Area and circles back to within 200 feet of the starting point.

Walking time 70 minutes

Blaze: Blue

Maple Trail

Starting point is the restroom facility at Shepherd Valley switchback. The trail then continues over the hill and d

own to Washington School Road. Take main park road back to starting point.

Walking time:  40 minutes

Blaze:  Light blue

Poe Trail

Starting point is the lower end of Laurel Trail. Follow the old road to White Oaks Flats. Return the same way. Trail leads into the heart of the Wilderness Area. To get to White Oak Trail, one has to first walk half of Laurel Trail.

Walking time: 30-45 minutes

Blaze: White

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