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Beartown State Park is a 110-acre natural area located on the eastern summit of Droop Mountain in northern Greenbrier County and a small portion of Pocahontas County. Beartown is known for its unusual rocky formations, massive boulders, overhanging cliffs and deep crevices. The park’s main attraction is a half-mile boardwalk, which showcases these spectacular sights. Beartown State Park is open April through October.

This park does not offer overnight accommodations within the park.


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The land now known as Beartown State Park was purchased in 1970 with funds from the Nature Conservancy and a donation from Edwin G. Polan, given in memory of her son, Ronald Keith Neal, a local soldier killed in the Vietnam War. Since then, development of the park has been minimal so the area’s natural beauty may be preserved. The park’s name comes from residents who claimed the many cave-like openings in the rocks made ideal winter dens for black bears in the area. It also refers to the many deep, narrow crevasses that crisscross the area and appear from above like the streets of a small town.

Additional Information

Recreation at Beartown State Park consists of hiking the boardwalk. The park’s simplicity is what attracts visitors, who often come to the park for a walk and nothing more. For those looking for an educational experience, a walk through the park’s rock formations is aided by informational markers along the trail, explaining the geological processes at work in the area.

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