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Located in eastern Pocahontas and Greenbrier counties, Calvin Price State Forest is covered in more than 9,000 acres of mixed hardwoods and pine. The forest is named in honor of the late Calvin W. Price, a Marlinton newspaper editor who advocated for the purchase and designation of this area as a state forest. Uniquely, Calvin Price is mostly undeveloped, and instead relies on nearby Watoga State Park, one of West Virginia’s largest parks, for lodging and other activities.

This park does not offer overnight accommodations within the park.


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Calvin Price State Forest is the newest addition to West Virginia’s park system, having been mostly purchased in 1953 from the New River Lumber Company. The forest was heavily logged between 1880 and 1920. In the early 1900s, a large tract of timber was harvested by the Maryland Lumber Company. After the land was sold by the company in 1922, it was divided into two sections and resold. The section north of Laurel Run became part of Watoga State Park. The southern tract was purchased by the New River Company and sold to the state in 1953. It was dedicated on May 15, 1954.


The Allegheny Trail winds through the eastern part of the forest, and the Greenbrier River Trail follows the river along the opposite bank.

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