Match Game: Find Your State Park Based on Your Travel Persona

Your guide to finding an Almost Heaven match.

The world’s a big place and there’s a million and one places you can visit. How do you narrow down your options? Try searching for “Cheap Family Vacations” or “Fun Road Trip Ideas” and see what you get. Good luck navigating that black hole of articles and blogs!

If planning a trip has you stressed out, here’s the best advice we can give you. You don’t have to fly across the planet or spend a ton of money to go on a perfect vacation. You only need to find a place that lines up with your family’s interests and values. You might be wondering how you do that. By knowing what you like to do, we can help you identify your travel persona and match you with a West Virginia State Park.

Are you a:

  • Group Vacationer
  • Culture Chaser
  • Adventure Lover
  • Spa Sojourner

Find your travel persona using our guide below and plan a trip to a matching state park to see if you’re a perfect fit!

Group Vacationer

You’re a Group Vacationer if you value spending time with friends, family or fellow travelers.

Your ideal vacation would be the all-American road trip. You like group activities, bonding with loved ones and don’t mind talking to strangers when you pass them on the trail. Sound like you? Try one of these parks:

Audra: Cool off with the kids in a natural swimming hold on the Middle Fork River while you enjoy camping in a heavily wooded forest.
Beech Fork: Get the gang back together for a group camping trip or take the whole family on a once-in-a-lifetime cabin retreat.
Cacapon: Have a big family? Want to take your employees on a trip? The Old Inn at Cacapon is a giant log cabin where you and up to 32 guests can enjoy a reunion or retreat.

You might also match with Bluestone and Hawks Nest.

Culture Chaser

You’re a Culture Chaser if you value learning about local history, music and art.

Your ideal vacation would include museum hopping. You like seeing history come to life, learning how things were done in the good ole days and take the time to read all the interpretive signs in an exhibit. Sound like you? Try one of these parks:

Blennerhassett Island: Tour a replica of the Palladian mansion where the aristocratic Blennerhassetts harbored Aaron Burr, the third vice president of the United States who shot and killed Alexander Hamilton and allegedly plotted to create a new country independent of the United States.
Cass Scenic Railroad: Explore the historic logging town of Cass and travel back to a simpler time, when steam-driven locomotives were an essential part of everyday life.
Twin Falls Resort: Get a glimpse of what living on the frontier was like when you stop by and see Twin Falls Resort’s authentic and operational pioneer farm.

You might also match with Babcock, Droop Mountain Battlefield and Prickett’s Fort.

Adventure Lover

You’re an Adventure Lover if you value experiences that get your heart racing.

Your ideal vacation would include exploring unfamiliar territory or trying a new outdoor activity. You aren’t afraid to step outside your comfort zone, your Instagram bio says “Nature is my playground” and you like to grab life by the handlebars and let it take you for a ride. Sound like you? Try one of these parks:

Blackwater Falls: Feel the exhilarating rush of cold mountain air as you race down the longest and fastest sled run on the east coast.
Canaan Valley: With 47 snowboarding and ski trails to shred, you can eat powder all day long and never get full.
Chief Logan: Who needs roller coasters when you can get off the beaten path and explore more than 600 miles of rugged terrain on the world-class Hatfield McCoy Trails.
Pipestem Resort: Experience the thrill of flight and race through the treetops at speeds up to 50 mph on the Pipestem Peaks Zipline Tour.

You might also match with Coopers Rock, Kanawha State Forest and North Bend.

Spa Sojourner

You’re a Spa Sojourner if you value rest, relaxation and peaceful reflection.

Your ideal vacation would include a relaxing massage or lounging by a temperature-controlled pool. You like to take things slow, believe in practicing self-care and only let yourself sweat the small things when you’re in a steam room. Sound like you? Try one of these parks:

Berkeley Springs: Take a dip in restorative spring water and soothe your body, mind and soul by enjoying spa services, such as massages, saunas, baths and showers.
Stonewall Jackson: Indulge your senses and treat yourself to a relaxing and natural spa experience at one of West Virginia’s most luxurious lakeside resorts.

Did you find your travel persona? Here’s what you need to do

  1. Find your travel persona. Use our guide to see if you’re a Group Vacationer, Culture Chaser, Spa Sojourner or Adventure Lover.
  2. Book your stay. Pick a West Virginia state park that matches your travel persona, plan a trip and book your stay.
  3. Make memories that last a lifetime. Visiting a West Virginia state park that lines up with your family’s interests and values is a match made in heaven.
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