WV State Parks are like a good friend…always there for you even when you're apart

West Virginia’s state parks remain open during the Stay at Home Order and time of social distancing and serves as a place to enjoy fresh air and wide open spaces. But we know many plans to state parks have likely been altered due to COVID-19. So, now’s a perfect time to look on the bright side of things and look back on some of your favorite state park memories.

That’s one of the best things about West Virginia’s state parks. You don’t have to physically be present to appreciate and enjoy all that they are and stand for. They’re like a good friend who’s always there for you, even when you’re apart. You can always pick back up where you left off.

So, if you’re dreaming about your hiking boots hitting dirt or breathing in fresh mountain air, take some time today to think back to a good memory and look ahead to the next time you visit your favorite state park.

Remembering the good times you had

We all have a favorite state park memory. Maybe it was catching fireflies at your family’s campground when you were a kid. Or the time you reeled in your first fish at a state park lake. Or perhaps it’s the fun time you had at a class reunion picnic where you reconnected with a long lost friend. The good thing about memories is that the best ones remain with us forever and live on in the stories we tell.

So, if you’re aching to spend some time in your favorite park, relive part of your memories by sharing a story about it with your family. Describe what you did, what you saw and what you smelt, and most importantly, how you felt. A good story draws us in. Before you know it your family will want to make memories of their own with you.

Looking forward to good times that lie ahead

By remembering the good times you enjoyed at a state park, you can give yourself something to look forward to. If you enjoyed hiking trips with your parents when you were a kid, now is a perfect time to make plans to recreate that experience with your own kids.

Or maybe your family already has a fond memory of camping at a state park. Pitch your tent in the backyard and bring home some of the magic of a state park. As you toast marshmallows, swap stories or look at the starry sky above, give thanks for the memories you already have and as you lay your head down to sleep, dream about your next trip and all the adventures yet to come.