Top 15 West Virginia State Park Fall Photos

West Virginia is home to four incredible seasons but fall always leaves us with a sense of wonder. Nature teaches us that beauty can be found in the world’s richest landscapes and the backcountry’s most overlooked hollows all the same.

From the mountaintops to the valley lows and everywhere else the light touches, dazzling colors saturate forest canopies with vibrant yellows and oranges and fiery shades of red that reflect the waning warmth of the autumnal sun.

If you’ve ever traveled through the Mountain State during the fall, you know that West Virginia State Parks offer some of the most beautiful autumn views in the country. With 35 parks and nine forests, it’s hard to see and appreciate them all. So, here are 15 of our favorite fall photos to help you appreciate the beauty of fall in our beloved parks and forests

Middle Fork River at Audra State Park

Fallen Leaves at Holly River State Park

Cedar Cabin at North Bend State Park

Forest Trail at Holly River State Park

North Bend Lake at North Bend State Park

Blackwater Falls at Blackwater Falls State Park

Blackwater River at Blackwater Falls State Park

Campbell Falls at Camp Creek State Park and Forest

Old Growth Forest at Cathedral State Park

Park Road Entering Twin Falls Resort State Park

Fall Color at Kanawha State Forest

Long Branch Lake at Pipestem Resort State Park

Legacy Cabin at Watoga State Park

Grist Mill at Babcock State Park

Old Growth Forest at Seneca State Forest

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