History Alive! at West Virginia’s state parks this summer

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Historical figures from Mark Twain to Sacagawea will be visiting West Virginia state parks during weekends this summer as part of the West Virginia Humanities Council’s History Alive! program.
The History Alive! program features scholars from around the state who portray historical figures at venues including museums, schools, libraries, community centers, and fairs and festivals. These living history performances provide a passage through time for student and adult audiences throughout the Mountain State.
“At Blackwater Falls, like at most state parks, we include a featured activity on weekends. The opportunity to have figures from the United States history adds to the interpretative programs we plan at the park,” said Paulita Cousin, park naturalist.
The History Alive! programs are free to attend and open to all park visitors, overnight guests and the public.
Beech Fork State Park                   Benjamin Franklin                 June 28, 2019
Watoga State Park                         Teddy Roosevelt                   June 28, 2019
Pipestem Resort State Park           Stonewall Jackson               June 29, 2019
Watoga State Park                         Benjamin Franklin                    July 5, 2019
North Bend State Park                   Charles Schulz                         July 6, 2019
Beech Fork State Park                   Mark Twain                             July 13, 2019
Pipestem Resort State Park           Sacagawea                            July 13, 2019
Blackwater Falls State Park           Teddy Roosevelt                     July 18, 2019
Watoga State Park                         Ostenaco                                July 19, 2019
Beech Fork State Park                   Charles Schulz                       July 20, 2019
Beech Fork State Park                   Ostenaco                                July 27, 2019
Blackwater Falls State Park           Stonewall Jackson                  July 27, 2019
Pipestem Resort State Park           Harriet Tubman                      July 27, 2019
Beech Fork State Park                   Gabriel Arthur                        Aug. 30, 2019
Blackwater Falls State Park           Ostenaco                              Sept. 29, 2019
To learn more about West Virginia Humanities Council, visit www.wvhumanities.org. For more about History Alive! programs and other events and activities at West Virginia’s state parks, see our calendar of events.