Pool/Fitness Center Attendant – Cacapon State Park


Under supervision of the Spa Manager and Assistant Spa Manager, Pool/Fitness Center Attendant is assigned to Cacapon Resort State Park Spa and may travel to Berkeley Springs State Park upon request. A pool/fitness attendant is responsible for the general supervision of the pool and fitness center. Responsible for maintaining the weights and cardiovascular fitness areas to make sure equipment is clean, functioning properly and used according to the rules of the facility. Performs guest safety and recreational work supervising, swimming and enforcing regulations at pool and fitness center as well as providing for the guest(s) comfort. Welcomes guests and works to ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable experience. Ensures guest(s) are following health and safety guidelines as well as perform routine cleaning and disinfecting at the pool and fitness center as scheduled.

Must have scheduling flexibility. Weekdays, Weekends, and Holidays required.
Hourly rate: $10.00

Special Requirements:

  • Setting up, maintaining and cleaning equipment.
  • Explaining programs and activities.
  • Teaching guests how to properly use the fitness equipment.
  • Provide basic fitness information.
  • Maintaining attendance records.
  • Ensuring rules and regulations are followed.
  • Help promote facility activities and organize special events.
  • Assists swimmers from water when in danger.
  • Greet all guests upon arrival, distribute towels, offer assistance, and delivering consistent guest customer service, exceeding guest expectations, and providing all other supporting services.
  • Knowledge of pool facility such as length and depth of pool, how many laps it takes to make complete a mile in meters and feet etc.
  • Knowledgeable of lodge/park facilities and services to answer guest inquiries.
  • Willing to take ownership of all guest requests and complaints, try to resolve issues immediately and follow up to ensure the guests satisfaction.
  • Identify and report defects throughout the pool and fitness area, notify supervisors and concerned departments immediately of hazards, injuries, equipment or processes that negatively affect the operations.
  • Knowledge of safety hazards and necessary safety precautions sufficient to be able to establish a safe work environment for self and others.
  • Responsible for maintaining cleanliness of pool deck and facilities including straightening and stacking chairs, collecting soiled towels and trash, moving chairs, towels, wiping down fitness equipment.
  • Facilitate and maintain consistent pool safety programs, training, and documentation to ensure the overall safety of guests in the pool area.
  • Responsible for checking chemical balance in pool.
  • Work closely with other departments that are essential to ensuring a positive guest experience.
  • Assist in training of new employees.
  • Uniform required.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.