Group Services Liaison – Cacapon State Park


Under the supervision of the Lodge Manager and with direction and coordination from the full time Group Sales Coordinator, this person will be responsible for all aspects of the booking and accommodation of weddings, groups & conferences utilizing the facilities and services of Cacapon Resort State Park. Employee will be responsible for ensuring a quality experience for all group customers of Cacapon State Park. This responsibility will extend from the earliest contact or phone call from the group, include all aspects of the groups stay at the park, and continue through check out and follow up. In conjunction with the full time Group Sales Coordinator, Employee will be the primary contact for groups at Cacapon State Park. Employee will deal “one on one” with group leaders and provide a liaison between groups and other park department heads. These duties include but are not limited to: taking phone calls and e-mails from potential clients and providing a prompt reply to any messages, meeting with group representatives, conducting site visits, negotiating prices, insuring proper room set up’s, arranging for lodging, confirming menus and providing for planned meals, arranging golf outings, confirming auxiliary facility use, accommodating group in house needs, facilitating efficient check in – check out and billing, and providing and follow up needed. Works with all park departments to ensure a quality experience for group customers.

Employee will be responsible for all administrative aspects of booking and accommodating groups and group functions. These duties include but are not limited to: making group reservations for all applicable facilities requested, completing and approving group service contracts, completing work sheets, coordinating pricing with various department heads then quoting to groups, completing and compiling all administrative and paper work relative to group functions, cancellations, typing and filing, insuring that deposits are in and cancellations made within approved timelines, insuring that contracts are signed and properly executed, mailings, authors letters to groups regarding their accommodations.

Completes group related work in the Room Master computer software system including but not limited to data entry and removal, room block management, reservations, and cancellations.

Employee will be responsible for proper conference room set up. Will work with set up staff and supervisors to ensure that group needs are accommodated.

Will maintain files and calendar of all conference facility use for all park patrons. Will manage all group related lodging in Room Master. Will maintain all files on group services.

Special labor needs for group accommodation must be requested and approved in advance through individual department heads. W

ill communicate all housekeeping needs through the Lodge Manager. Will communicate all lodging/front desk price requests and needs through the Lodge Manager. Immediately upon the finalization of a group booking, employee will provide copies of all relevant information including the signed contract, pricing work sheets, set up drawings or charts and related notes to: F & B Director, Lodge Manager and Accounting staff. Copies of the set-up drawings and related notes are to be provided to the Maintenance Supervisor. All this information must be presented in a timely manner and well in advance of the group’s actual visit. Any need changes must be communicated immediately. Pricing changes from original quotes must be approved by respective department head.

Employee will compile such forms, reports and accountability documentation as required by supervisors. This will include but not be limited to employee work schedules & changes, activities log, phone logs, group contact info lists, etc.

Special Requirements:

Ability to learn quickly and perform efficiently the duties assigned, ability to meet the public and use good judgment. Preference is given to individuals possessing a high school diploma or better and typing skills.

WAGE RATE: $10.00