West Virginia’s state forests provide acres of hunting access for large and small game. Thriving black bear, whitetail deer and eastern wild turkey populations provide exciting challenges for bow, rifle, shotgun and black powder hunting. Small game and upland bird populations provide added time in the woods to pursue squirrel, grouse, dove and pheasant in West Virginia. Big game hunting can be found at each of the nine state forests.

Before you make your way into the woods of Almost Heaven for a hunt, make sure you know the regulations and seasonal dates throughout the year. Purchase a West Virginia hunting license at before you head out on a hunting trip. West Virginia’s state forests are open to hunting during both small and big game seasons and make for adventurous hunting destinations.

Kumbrabrow State Forest

Made up of 9,474 acres at an elevation of more than 3,000 feet above sea level, Kumbrabrow State Forest is West Virginia’s highest state forest.  Hunters will likely spot deer, bear, turkey, bobcat and ruffed grouse within the woods.

Panther State Forest

Almost Heaven’s southernmost state forest, Panther State Forest occupies 7,810 rugged acres, and its heavily wooded surroundings offer in-season hunting for licensed hunters. The forest is a popular spot for deer, turkey, squirrel and grouse hunting.

Cabwaylingo State Forest

Retreat to the wilderness at Cabwaylingo State Forest, where big game include deer and turkey, along with squirrels, rabbits and grouse.