Fall Hiking

There’s no better time to take a hike than in the fall, when your feet crunch on crisp autumn leaves and the mountains are bathed in brilliant warm hues.  Check out these fall hikes at these West Virginia state parks and forests.

Holly River State Park

Find fall inspiration by hiking on 42 miles of trails at Holly River State Park. Popular hikes include treks out to the Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa waterfalls. If you’re up for a challenge, hike deep into the forest out to Potato Knob. Once you reach the summit, you’ll be rewarded with a commanding view of the park from 2,480 feet.

Babcock State Park

Babcock State Park is known for its incredible fall foliage. The park’s Island-In-The Sky Trail passes the iconic Glade Creek Grist Mill and features beautiful vistas and high cliff areas. Although it is not a very long trail, keep in mind there are rocky and steep sections along the hike. At the top take time to appreciate the view.

Valley Falls State Park

At Valley Falls State Park, visitors can enjoy 18 miles of hiking trails that lead to beautiful fall views of waterfalls and gorgeous overlooks.  Check out the Rocky and Rhododendron Trail, a 3.9-mile, moderate level, loop trail that leads to the beautiful falls for an up-close view of the incredible falls. The views here won’t disappoint.

Twin Falls Resort State Park

With its cascading waterfalls and beautiful wooded mountain ridges, the views at Twin Falls State Park are hard to beat. There are 13 trails to choose from, so you can pick a route that is suited to your ability and sightseeing desires. The Falls Trail is a must as it leads to different waterfalls within the park.