How many WV State Parks will you check off this summer?

Summer brings abundant opportunities to check West Virginia’s beautiful state parks and forests off your bucket list. And with a state park or forest in every corner of the Mountain State, it’s not hard to find the peaceful (or exciting) escapes you’re looking for during the warm-weather months. Download or screenshot our official WV State Parks map and checklist and start planning trips to Almost Heaven’s most beloved places.

We’ve also broken down our favorite adventures into categories so you can plan your travels accordingly! 

Waterfall Parks

If you enjoy waterfalls, West Virginia’s state parks and forests are home to some of the best. Here are a few majestic waterfall destinations you should visit this year: 

Day Parks

Pack a picnic, grab your frisbee, and head to these state parks for a day full of peaceful scenery and some interesting history: 

Lake and River Parks

Searching for the best parks to visit with water? Look no further! The following parks all have lakes or rivers for fishing and kayaking. And Tygart even has an Adventure Lake!

Resort Parks

Looking for a secluded retreat surrounded by rolling hills? Check out these relaxing locations:

Unique Stay Parks

These parks have more than just camping and lodging — they have unique lodging opportunities that can only be found in #WVstateparks: 

State Forests

Hike quiet trails, stop and fish for some trout and take in the beautiful #AlmostHeaven scenery in many of our secluded state forests. 

River and Rail Trails

Hike, bike or walk in some of these state parks.

Cabwaylingo, Chief Logan and Twin Falls Resort are also near ATV trails in the Hatfield McCoy Trails system. Just remember that riding ATVs in state parks is not permitted.

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