5 WV State Parks that will make you fall in love with the outdoors

West Virginia’s state parks are an ideal place to visit during Valentine’s Day weekend. There’s beauty everywhere you look and adventure around every corner. There’s peace and quiet and plenty of space to connect with nature and someone you love. What’s not to love? While Valentine’s Day is marketed to couples, you don’t need a date or even a special day on the calendar to enjoy a getaway. Whether you’re happily married, in a relationship, it’s complicated or still single, here are five state parks worth visiting this Valentine’s Day.

North Bend State Park

Life moves at a fast pace and if you aren’t careful you can speed through it and forget to make time for the people you love. Take this Valentine’s Day as your opportunity to slow down and make time for that person by renting a cabin and planning a cozy cabin getaway to North Bend State Park. This park has nine cozy cabins located at the top of a secluded ridge in a white pine forest, a perfect setting for connecting with someone.

Hawks Nest State Park

The best partners aren’t the ones that give the most or spend the most. No, good partners are generous by giving themselves and spending their time on being there for you. Create that kind of space for the people you love and be present this Valentine’s Day by booking a trip to Hawks Nest State Park.

Chief Logan State Park

Navigating a relationship can be confusing at times, but knowing where you want to go, like following markers on a trail, can guide you to beautiful places. Discuss those beautiful places with your significant other this Valentine’s Day by enjoying a hike at Chief Logan State Park.

Cacapon Resort State Park

We all carry stress and tension, which can affect our relationships. But loving someone requires a degree of letting go and choosing not to worry about the small things. Or at least giving yourself permission to worry about it another day. If you have trouble doing that, treat yourself and your loved one to a relaxing getaway to the spas at Cacapon Resort State Park.

Blackwater Falls State Park

Every relationship needs a little bit of awe, wonder and adventure. As the years go by, it’s easy to get bogged down with life and forget all the fun you used to have. If that’s you, plan a trip to ride the Sled Run at Blackwater Falls State Park and rekindle your passion for your loved one.

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