West Virginia State Parks Celebrates Completion of Upgrades at Tomlinson Run State Park

Recent project includes stream restoration, tree planting and new wildlife viewing opportunities
South Charleston, W.Va. – Today, West Virginia State Parks announced the completion of the Stream Restoration Project at Tomlinson Run State Park. The public-private partnership between the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources and Water and Land Solutions resulted in nearly 8,000 linear feet of the stream restoration, as well as tree planting and creation of new wildlife viewing opportunities.

“I’m excited to see the completion of the restoration of this beautiful trout stream especially with the limited opportunities in this area,” said WVDNR director Brett McMillion. “I want to sincerely thank Nate Ober and his team at Water and Land Solutions for their dedication on this project which has improved the park for many years to come.”

Water and Land Solutions is a hybrid ecological restoration and mitigation solutions company that specializes in restoring and protecting natural resources while providing cost-effective
mitigation solutions.

“We need to look after our nation’s water systems, but it’s expensive, and uses taxpayer money that is often diverted to more urgent needs. That’s why I’m so excited about the Tomlinson Run project. It’s a public-private partnership between the WV Department of Natural Resources and WLS, and it has been resoundingly successful,” says Nate Ober, VP of Mitigation Banking at Water and Land Solutions.

The project includes several significant improvements to the park, such as:
– 7,891 linear feet of stream restored
– 8,906 indigenous trees planted
– Eradication of invasive species
– Aquatic and wildlife habitat improvements, including habitat protection for threatened and endangered mussel species
– 2,000 feet of accessible trails5 accessible platforms to fish or view wildlife
– New accessible pedestrian bridges over stream tributaries

Tomlinson Run State Park, known as West Virginia’s ‘top’ park, lies along the Ohio River near the tip of the state’s Northern Panhandle. The park encompasses nearly 1,400 acres which are divided into two sections: a wilderness area home to forested hills, wildflowers and overhanging cliffs as well as a developed area offering traditional park activities such as hiking, fishing, boating and swimming. Considered one of the best camping locations in the state, Tomlinson Run offers a campground with camper cabins as well as yurts for those looking for a more unique stay. To book your visit today, visit wvstateparks.com.