Discover the natural wonders of West Virginia by hiking at a state park

There’s no better way to discover the unrivaled beauty of Almost Heaven, West Virginia than hiking at a state park or forest.

With more than 1,200 miles of maintained trails, West Virginia’s parks and forests offer plenty of hiking options that reveal a treasure trove of natural wonders. Take a hike and discover colorful wildflowers or catch a glimpse of a deer (or maybe even a black bear!). Stop to listen to the cascading waterfall or marvel at a scenic vista.

Whether you’re planning a short stroll or a daylong backpacking trip, stop by the park office and pick up a trail map. Or, download a PDF map from the park’s website. You can also join one of our guided nature walks throughout the year. During these hikes, our naturalists share their knowledge of local wildflowers, leaves, birds or even animal tracks.

Annual wildflower hikes include the Osbra Eye Memorial Wildflower Walk at Kanawha State Forest and the Sue Browning Wildflower Hike at Chief Logan State Park. Other popular guided hikes include the Full Moon Hikes at Cass Scenic Railroad and the 8-mile Walk Between the Parks, from Canaan Valley Resort to Blackwater Falls State Park.

The state parks system also manages the 78-mile Greenbrier River Trail and the 72-mile North Bend Rail Trail. With their moderate grades and surface of crushed stone and gravel, these trails also are ideal for family bicycle trips. (And you might want to pack a fishing rod for a ride or stroll along the Greenbrier River.)

So, what are you waiting for? Visit your favorite park or find one you’ve never been to before, and hit the trails!

Looking for hiking suggestions? Visit one of these parks for a scenic trek!

  • Watoga State Park: The 3-mile Ann Bailey Trail follows an old roadbed across Pyles Mountain and Workman Ridge to the Ann Bailey Lookout Tower, revealing panoramic views of the valley.
  • Audra State Park: The 2.7-mile Alum Creek and Cave Trail includes a boardwalk that winds below the Alum Cave overhang and offers scenic views of the Middle Fork River, with some access spots where you can go wading.
  • Blackwater Falls State Park: While best known for its iconic waterfall, this park also has some spectacular overlooks. The 1.37-mile Lindy Point Trail leads to a overlook 3,000 above the Blackwater River.
  • Coopers Rock State Forest: The 1.5-mile Raven Rock Trail rewards hikers with scenic views of the Cheat River Canyon.
  • Twin Falls Resort: The 1.25-mile Falls Trail is a great way to view the park’s namesake waterfalls. The trail is paved to Marsh Fork Falls, then breaks into a loop following the creek to Black Fork Falls.