4 reasons why your dog loves West Virginia’s state parks

Your guide to enjoying the outdoors with your canine companion.

Photo courtesy of Kurth

Is there anything better than the wagging tail, excited barking and enthusiastic look in your dog’s eyes when they hear you say, “Who wants to go outside?”

Most dogs absolutely love being outside, but sometimes you need to treat them to something more than a quick stroll around the neighborhood. Sure, you can go to a dog park, but what really gets your canine companion excited is being outside in a natural setting where their primal instincts kick in and they can enjoy true freedom…well, supervised freedom.

So, grab a leash and pack some treats because West Virginia’s state parks are exactly what your dog needs. Even if you’ve never taken them before, your dog loves state parks. Here’s four reasons why.

There’s nothing boring about state parks

How would you feel if you were cooped up inside all day with no way to release all your pent up energy? If that sounds like your 9-5 office job, think how bored your dog gets being at home all alone. At least you get paid to be at work. But walking, running and rolling around at a West Virginia state park is the definition of excitement for your dog. Next time you visit a state park, bring your furry friend along for the trip and see how happy it makes him.

State parks provide exercise and fresh air

You already know that dogs need plenty of exercise and fresh air. If you hadn’t guessed it yet, West Virginia’s state parks are a great place for both. Your pup needs outdoor activity to stay healthy and happy. During a walk in a state park, your dog can discover new odors, see new places and play to their little heart’s content.

Photo courtesy of Hayley Harman

Dogs enjoy nature’s beauty too

Who says dogs can’t appreciate the beauty of nature too? Why else do they love rolling around in the grass, digging in dirt or splashing in a creek?

Each park is full of beautiful open space, refreshing mountain air and peaceful vibes. If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for your dog. She’ll love state parks just as much as you do!

They get to spend time with their best friend

Who are we kidding. The most important reason why your dog loves West Virginia’s state parks is because you took them there. When you’re relaxed and enjoying nature, your dog will be too. And when you’re on the trail, he’ll will be right at your side enjoying every minute of it. There’s a reason dogs are called our best friends.

But what if you don’t have time?

If you love your dog, make time and take them to a state park to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you go for a long hike, overnight trip or just visit your local state park for a quick walk or game of fetch, your pupper will be thrilled to be outside with you and you’ll be rewarded with their happiness and affection.

This is your dog at home

This is your dog at a WV state park

Ready to explore West Virginia’s state parks with your dog? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Plan a trip

    There are plenty of outdoor activities you and your dog can enjoy together. When in doubt, go hiking!

  2. Book your stay

    Extend your trip by spending the night in a pet-friendly cabin or lodge room. Here’s everything you need to know about pet-friendly accomodations.

  3. Make memories that last a lifetime

    Strengthen the bond between you and your pet with a trip to a West Virginia state park.

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