You need to check out the legendary trails connecting Chief Logan and Twin Falls

Whether you’re spinning tires in an ATV or putting miles on your hiking boots, the rugged trails of southern West Virginia are legendary. There are dozens of bucket list-worthy park trails and then there’s hundreds of miles of off-roading to be had on the Hatfield McCoy Trails. Conquering these vast networks of trails is no small feat, so we don’t blame you if the first thing you think of when looking at a map is “Where do I even begin?”

What you need is a starting point. Lucky for you, we’ve got two. Chief Logan State Park and Twin Falls Resort State Park are destinations in and of themselves, but these two parks are perfect launching points for trail adventures through southern West Virginia. And the best part is that they’re only 90 minutes away from each other, which means you and you’re family can cross both parks off your travel bucket list this summer.

Here’s what you need to know.

Hit the trails at Chief Logan State Park

If you’re spending anytime on the Hatfield McCoy Trails, staying at Chief Logan is part of the experience. Just ask the thousands of ATV enthusiasts who visit the park each year, making it one of the most visited in West Virginia. And you can’t ask for a better starting point for exploring the more than 700 miles of off-road trails winding through the hills and hollows of southern West Virginia. In fact, Bearwallow Trailhead is right outside the Chief Logan State Park entrance.

If you want to get in a few miles on hiking and mountain biking trails, you’ll find 18 miles of trails to explore in the park. And when it comes time to wind down for the evening, Chief Logan Lodge offers a range of amenities, including a full-service restaurant, indoor swimming pool and recreation center. Additional lodging includes modern cabins and a seasonal campground equipped for RV and tent camping.

As for day activities, Chief Logan has a 7-acre fishing lake stocked with trout, an outdoor swimming pool and water slide, a museum with exhibits of Native American culture and coal mining history, an authentic steam engine once used to haul coal and an 18th-century homestead. Click here to see a full list of outdoor activities at Chief Logan.

Let the trails lead you to Twin Falls Resort

After you visit Chief Logan, head further south to Twin Falls Resort State Park, where you can explore even more trails in the Hatfield McCoy system. In fact, the Pinnacle Creek Trailhead is only 15 miles from Twin Falls.

But you won’t want to pass up your chance to hike in the park. Twin Falls has more than 25 miles of hiking and biking trails, but no visit is complete without a trek on Falls Trail to see the iconic “twin falls” of Marsh Fork and Black Fork. This 1.25-mile loop trail starts near the park’s entrance and passes by two waterfalls. They’re a must-see during the rainy season when water levels are higher, so go ahead and start making plans to return in spring 2021.

After a day on the trails, you’ll need a place to turn in for the night and relax. And Twin Falls Lodge, which overlooks the golf course, is as quiet and comfy as it gets. The lodge features a full-service restaurant, indoor swimming pool and fitness center. Additional accommodations at the park include campground and cabins.

As for day activities, the kids will love the park’s pioneer homestead. Tucked into a picturesque hollow, this authentic pioneer farm features a vegetable garden and acreage for pigs, chickens and donkeys to roam. Click here to see a full list of outdoor activities at Twin Falls Resort.

Travel close to home 

We are actively monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on travel in West Virginia. While West Virginia’s state parks and forests are some of the best places to escape crowds and enjoy wide open spaces, visitors are asked to maintain a physical distance of six feet on the trails and in other park areas and to follow all posted guidelines for mask use and other safety measures. For the most recent updates and measures taken to protect visitors, click here. You can also follow @WVstateparks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for timely updates. 

And as you spend time in nature this summer, remember to Leave No Trace by packing in and packing out all your trash and belongings. By respecting nature, you help us protect our state parks and forests so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. 

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