Progress Being Made with Proposed Cacapon Campground Project – Proposals Released and Public Hearing Scheduled

CHARLESTON, W.VA — WV State Parks are continuing to grow and break records across the board. In just five years, the self-sufficiency of the state’s parks has increased from 56% to 72%. Continuing on the path of growth and sustainability, and pursuant to W.Va.Code § 20-5-16, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a potential campground and recreational facility development project at Cacapon Resort State Park in Morgan County on December 16, 2022.

The proposed project at Cacapon Resort State Park is a continuation of the tremendous investment that the WVDNR has made into our state parks. In recent years, the WV State Parks system has made many major improvements, totaling $151,295,091, which include:

  • Lodge renovations totaling $35,232,996
  • Cacapon’s new lodge totaling $32,530,366
  • Cabin renovations totaling $24,583,500
  • Campsite development totaling $13,488,000
  • Activity infrastructure totaling $29,135,729
  • Infrastructure upgrades totaling $16,524,500

The RFP sent out in December 2022 was for a private firm to finance, plan, develop, construct, and operate a campground at Cacapon Resort State Park and to do the same for unspecified recreational facilities not already offered at Cacapon Resort. Three proposal submissions were submitted to WVDNR as a result of the RFP. At this time, no vendor selection has been made. Furthermore, the WVDNR is under no obligation to accept any of the proposals as submitted and may negotiate the scope and specifications of any final agreement. No specific sites within the park have been selected for this potential development. Management of existing facilities at Cacapon is not a part of the RFP. WVDNR will continue to manage and operate these facilities.

The RFP and the responsive proposals are available for public view at Prior to a decision regarding the development project, the WVDNR will host a public hearing on April 18, 2023 at 5 p.m. in the Washington Fairfax Room at the Cacapon Resort State Park Lodge, 818 Cacapon Lodge Road, Berkeley Springs, WV.

“The WVDNR welcomes community engagement for this development project and will work with local stakeholders to maintain Cacapon’s natural environment as currently enjoyed, while also developing campground and recreational opportunities in the park that will allow even more people to experience the beauty that is Cacapon Resort State Park,” said WV Department of Commerce Secretary James Bailey.

The RFP requires that the vendor develop a plan whereby any existing trails that would be impacted by the construction of these facilities be appropriately relocated or integrated seamlessly into the facility designs. The WVDNR is committed to continuing the integrity and success of the mountain biking initiatives at Cacapon; therefore, the WVDNR will not be canceling any previously scheduled IMBA or NICA events at Cacapon Resort State Park as a result of these projects. The existing trail work and proposed expansion is integral to the state’s mission of providing recreation to the citizens of the state and its visitors. Additionally, the trail system has an opportunity to promote tourism and increase the business performance at Cacapon Resort State Park, as well as in the local community.

“Park Management on site have exhibited great leadership in the development of this trail system through enabling robust volunteerism, coordination with professional designers, inclusivity of stakeholders, and outreach to user groups that has resulted in making Cacapon’s existing mountain biking trail system one of the best in West Virginia,” said West Virginia State Parks Chief Brad Reed. “We will continue to work together to see that this potential public/private development is an opportunity to compliment and greatly enhance recreational and leisure experiences for visitors of all ages.”

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