New Attraction Offers Uplifting Views

Canaan Valley Resort State Park, in partnership with the Mountaineer Hang Gliding Association (MHGA), recently celebrated the grand opening of West Virginia’s first public paragliding site. The popular resort in Tucker County, widely acclaimed for skiing and winter recreation, is now home to one of only two paragliding spots in the eastern United States accessible from a ski resort lift.


Pilots can carry their paragliding equipment with them on Canaan Valley’s chair lift; hang gliders cannot be accommodated. Once at the top, it’s a short walk to the launch site where they face prevailing winds and fill their “wings.” The ensuing flight offers an extremely rare and breathtaking view of the Appalachian mountain range.


Before making plans to paraglide, here are several tips for using this new facility:

  • Pilots must be current members of the U.S. Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.
  • Site liability waivers are required and available at
  • The scenic chair lift is open for two operating seasons: mid-December through mid-March and Memorial Day through the end of October. The lift fee is $7.
  • Pilots must schedule launch times in advance by emailing Ben Herrick of MHGA at [email protected] or calling him at (304) 866-3312.

Canaan Valley Resort State Park invites pilots to make time to enjoy other activities while at the four-season resort, including an overnight stay in one of the lodge’s new rooms or suites.

Up, Up and Away!