Accessible Trails at West Virginia State Parks

Blackwater Falls Gentle Trail – Blackwater Falls State Park

The Blackwater Falls Gentle Trail at Blackwater Falls State Park is a short, paved path that leads to an observation deck overlooking the iconic Blackwater Falls. The begins at the parking area across from the maintenance area and ends at the observation deck.
Distance: 0.25 miles

White Oak Road and Trail – Camp Creek State Park and Forest

The White Oak Road and Trail at Camp Creek State Park and Forest starts 1.2 miles upstream on Turkey Loop Road and Trail from the Campbell Falls/Forest Access. At the bottom of the seasonal hunter parking area, enter this easy trail through a thick grove of beautiful rhododendrons on either side.
Distance: 1.4 miles

Spotted Salamander Trail – Kanawha State Forest

The Spotted Salamander Trail at Kanawha State Forest is a paved, level walkway with braille interpretive nature signs as well as guideposts and signs. The trail is across the road from the old barn.
Distance: 0.25 miles

Extra Mile Trail – North Bend State Park

The Extra Mile Trail at North Bend State Park is a self-guided, paved trail. At the end of the trail is a small deck that sits back in the woods along an tranquil stream. From this trail, you may access the Overhanging Rock Trail and the Access Trail.
Distance: 0.3 miles

Alum Creek and Cave Trail – Audra State Park

The Alum Creek and Cave Trail at Audra State Park is a family-friendly trail that is perfect for campers and visitors, offering colorful photography opportunities. It includes a boardwalk that winds below the Alum Cave overhang and provides a spectacular view of the Middle Fork River. In places, it provides access to the river for wading and nature exploring. Hikers may see wildlife such as white-tailed deer, squirrels and various bird species, as well as plants such as the popular rhododendron thickets and varieties of maple, oak and pine.
Distance: 2.7 Miles

Physical Fitness Trail – Beech Fork State Park

Paved trail located in the Franklin D. Wooten Recreation Area, the Physical Fitness Trail at Beech Fork State Park makes a pleasurable walking path for those who enjoy a leisurely after-dinner or early morning walk.
Distance: 1 mile

Hawks Nest Overlook – Hawks Nest State Park

This short, paved path at Hawks Nest State Park leads to the Hawks Nest Overlook and starts at the parking area a quarter-mile downhill from the lodge and takes you to the overlook for a panoramic view of the New River, the Hawks Nest Tunnel area and surrounding mountains. The overlook was built from local sandstone in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps and has been improved to ADA standards.
Distance: 80 yards (loop)

Laurel Fork Trail – Holly River State Park

Located on the island between the Activity Building and the Carpenter Pavilion, the Laurel Fork Trail at Holly River State Park is asphalt paved and follows the perimeter of the island as it is encircled by Laurel Fork. The trail meets ADA standards and includes four rest stations, two shelters, three water fountains, and 10 historical markers with Braille signs depicting the history of the park.
Distance: 0.4 miles