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Crawl, Investigate & Live Music: Twin Falls

July 21 July 22

If you visit Twin Falls State Park July 21-22, 2023 there is a variety of activities to take advantage of attending. Open to the public, without charge, there is no better place to enjoy the outdoors. See our ‘things to do’.

FRIDAY, July 21, 2023
9:00am -BIRDS!
Have you ever wondered what kind of birds visit your garden? Maybe you have caught yourself gazing at the skies or noticing the feathers of avian friends. Maybe you have already started bird watching, but you’re just not equipped on how to identify the species.

Well you are in luck, join the Naturalist at the front entry of the lodge for a simple talk about the basic equipment you can use to help you identify species in your area and backyards. All ages and stages are welcome. 30-45 minutes (YPP)

10:00am. – “CREEK CRAWL”
Meet Ace our summer seasonal at the Falls Trail Parking area for an hour of splashing around in the creek. Help Ace look for crustaceans, invertebrates and other aquatic life as you wade around looking in cracks and tip rocks (((Rocks are always placed back the way you found them because it is someone’s home!))). Plan on being wet from knees down, creek bed can be very slippery due to algae that has formed on the rocks. Parents will be required to assist children under the age of 12. (YPP) Allow 1 Hour

Why do our marshmallows disappear every time we hide them? The Summer Naturalist will be
investigating the woods inside and around the campground for clues as to the insects and mammals that use the area. Join him as you become a mammal/insect private investigator and see if you can find the culprit or culprits to the marshmallow thief! Afternoon fun! (YPP)

3:00pm. – 5:00pm. – NATURE CENTER is open

6:00pm. – 10:00pm. – LIVE MUSIC
“George Dorne and the Trailer Park Poets” is a free concert at the Courtyard located at Twin Falls State Park Lodge. You do not want to miss this awesome band. Twin Falls Restaurant will be offering a cash bar as well as menu option for the courtyard area. Live music. Good eats.
Community atmosphere.

SATURDAY, July 22, 2023
2:00pm – 5:00pm. – NATURE CENTER is open

7:00pm. – “SUMMIT TRAIL”
Join Ace at the Lodge front entrance for a hike along the Summit Trail. Trail is rated as Moderate and is a 1-mile loop. Allow 1 hour depending on group and hiking experience.

9:00pm. – “UVA HIKE”
You may think there is nothing to do after the sun sets for the day except to crawl into your sleeping bag and sleep until morning. But you’re wrong!

Join Ace at Shelter 4 for an exciting ultraviolet hike. Hiking/Walking at night is a wonderful opportunity that too few of us partake in. It’s just a little harder to see. When you move through the woods at night with an ultraviolet flashlight, you open a whole new world. It’s like having a superpower to see invisible creatures and much more. When UV lights hit certain plants, animals or minerals, the chemicals in them release visible light. This is not a reflected light. The UV actually excites the chemicals in the object, which releases the visible light. The effects can actually be spectacular. Whites, yellows, orange, and greens light up like some weird Christmas decorations. It’s something you need to just try. We have the lights for you to use. Dress accordingly, long pants and sturdy shoes are a great idea. Allow this activity to last about an hour.

Visit Twin Falls State Park.

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July 21
July 22
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