Wildflower Hikes

Blossoming Rhododendrons. Cheerful Buttercups. Fragrant Bluebells. Wildflowers are part of what makes West Virginia so heavenly. Get lost on a trail and roam the natural wilderness of Almost Heaven this spring at West Virginia’s state parks and forests.

Canaan Valley Resort State Park

The high plateau of Canaan Valley Resort State Park makes for wide variety of mountain flowers. Blackwater River Trail, a 1-mile loop, is a wide and open wetland, great for viewing wildflowers like blue vervain and swamp milkweed. The nearby towns of Davis and Thomas offer unique eateries and breweries to quench your thirst after your hike.

Kanawha State Forest

Located just outside the capital’s bustling streets is Kanawha State Forest. Here, explore 25 miles of trails with diverse wildlife, like Wild Sweet William and Jack in the Pulpit. You might even see flowering Pawpaw trees.

Chief Logan State Park

When spring hits full bloom at Chief Logan State Park, it is not uncommon to spot 75 to 100 different species of wildflowers. Join the popular Sue Browning Wildflower Hike with dozens of other flower seekers. Keep your eyes peeled for delicate and dainty Dutchman’s-breeches and eye-popping violet larkspur. Trail types and lengths vary from short, casual walks of 2.5 miles to longer hikes of 7 or 8 miles.