Road Trip from Chief Logan to Cabwaylingo this Summer

Are you ready for an adventure through the scenic wonders of southern West Virginia? Buckle up and get ready to embark on a memorable road trip from Chief Logan State Park to Cabwaylingo State Forest this summer! These two iconic destinations offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, outdoor activities and historical attractions that will make your journey unforgettable.

Chief Logan State Park: A Mountain Escape

Nestled amidst the breathtaking mountains of southern West Virginia lies Chief Logan State Park, a sprawling 4,000-acre oasis offering a plethora of recreational opportunities. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing getaway or an action-packed adventure, Chief Logan has something for everyone.

Start your journey at Chief Logan Lodge, where comfortable accommodations and modern amenities await. Boasting 75 cozy lodge rooms, 3 spacious cabins, a restaurant, a lounge, two gift shops and a museum, Chief Logan is a welcoming and family-friendly base for your exploration.

One of the park’s highlights is its proximity to the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, perfect for thrill-seekers looking to conquer rugged trails on ATVs, UTVs, or dirt bikes. After an exhilarating day on the trails, unwind by the indoor or outdoor swimming pool (open seasonally) or explore the park’s hiking trails teeming with natural beauty.

Nearby Attractions: Delve into History and Nature

Venture beyond Chief Logan to discover nearby attractions that add depth to your road trip experience:

  1. National Coal Heritage Trail Scenic Highway: Traverse this scenic highway and immerse yourself in the rich history of the coal industry. It showcases coal company towns, railroad structures and reclaimed mining lands.
  2. Hatfield and McCoy Trails: Channel your inner mountaineer on one of the world’s largest off-road vehicle systems, offering hundreds of miles of trails for year-round adventure.
  3. Logan, WV: Explore the namesake town of Chief Logan State Park, brimming with cultural offerings such as dining, music, theater and shopping.

Cabwaylingo State Forest: Wilderness Unleashed

As you continue your road trip, set your sights on Cabwaylingo State Forest, a sprawling 8,296-acre expanse of wooded beauty in southern West Virginia’s Wayne County. Named after the surrounding counties Cabell, Wayne, Lincoln, and Mingo, Cabwaylingo is a haven for nature and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Discover the Cabwaylingo Trail, the first in the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System located within a West Virginia State Forest. With nearly 100 miles of trails catering to ATV, UTV, 4×4, and dirt bike riders, it’s a paradise for off-road adventure seekers.

After a day of thrilling exploration, unwind at nearby attractions like Beech Fork State Park, where boating, fishing, and wildlife watching await. Make a stop at the Heritage Farm Museum & Village to delve deeper into Appalachian history and culture, rounding off your journey with souvenirs from the gift shop to commemorate your West Virginia adventure.

Complete the Loop: Return to Chief Logan

As your road trip comes full circle, consider spending more time at Chief Logan State Park. With its campground, outdoor amphitheater wildlife exhibit, and Museum in the Park, there’s always more to discover in this natural paradise.

Ready to hit the road? Plan your summer road trip from Chief Logan to Cabwaylingo and immerse yourself in the wonders of West Virginia’s outdoor splendor!

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