Quest Program: Choose your own outdoor adventure

Many of us enjoy following the adventurous quests found in popular books, movies and TV shows. But at West Virginia State Parks, we believe that no quests are greater than those found in the great outdoors, which is why we have worked hard to design the new Quest Program. Offered at North Bend State Park, Quest gives our visitors the chance to participate in real-life exploration and adventure year-round. Designed with our loyal guests in mind, you now get to pick your own exciting outdoors activities and have park staff help you along the way!


Quest program participants can choose to enroll in just one or many adventures and customize your experience to include day-only or overnight activities. The Quest team at North Bend State Park stands ready to help you design your quest based on what you already like to do or areas of adventure you want to learn more about. There are more than 40 choice activities available through Quest, including:

  • Backpacking and hiking
  • Camping in the country
  • Canoeing and kayaking on the lake
  • Overnight float trip
  • Overnight biking along the North Bend Rail Trail
  • Mountain biking
  • Navigating with a GPS or a compass and map
  • Geocaching
  • Nature interpretation, including animal and plant identification and wildlife watching
  • Outdoor (or indoor) yoga

Through the Quest program, you now have a chance to make sure you like a new activity before purchasing your own equipment, safely develop new outdoor recreation skills and even learn something new about yourself.

Sign up for your personalized quest today.

Let the Quest begin!