More family fun at Pipestem Resort with new Adventure Zone activities

Pipestem Resort State Park is one of West Virginia’s most popular family vacation destinations and things are getting even better this summer with several exciting additions at the park’s new Adventure Zone.

The Pipestem Adventure Zone features outdoor activities, such as axe throwing, 3D archery, miniature golf, disc golf, remote-controlled cars and trucks, laser tag, skeet shooting and motor assisted mountain bikes. And the best thing is that you can enjoy individual activities or buy a one-day pass to try up to six activities in one day. Here’s everything to know about Adventure Zone activities.

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is fun and exciting. During an hour session, you’ll learn how to throw an axe properly and safely and compete for a top score. Activity limited to participants age 10 and older, but size doesn’t matter when it comes to axe throwing. All adventurers will be on an equal playing field for friendly competition!

Cost: $25 per person. Includes axe and a safety talk and instructions on proper throwing techniques.

3D Archery

3D archery’s excitement comes from shooting at life-size models of game including deer, moose, coyotes, bear, wolf, elk, boar and turkey. Instead of standing still and shooting directly ahead – you’ll be walking courses through wooded areas, up and down hills and valleys. Targets are placed among brush and trees that partially obscure your view. Wind, rain and fog are all part of the challenge. The goal is to score higher than your opponents.
Cost: $20 per person. Includes bow and arrows.

Miniature Golf

Enjoy the West Virginia themed 18-hole golf course as a family or with friends! Mini golf is also perfect for a date night or birthday celebration.
Cost: $6 per person. Includes putter, ball and scorecard.

Disc Golf

For a more relaxed challenge, try out disc golf. The course has good variety, from tightly wooded technical fairways to long open holes. Test your patience and skill while you enjoy nature and a break from your daily routine. Lengths range from 155′ to 405′ and the game is great for all ages.
Cost: $15 per person. Includes discs and bag.

Remote Controlled Cars

Drive and race cars around a paved track or go off road on the dirt track. Either way, you’ll have fun racing to the finish line. This is exciting for both adults and children as you watch these small, powerful cars blaze up to 30 mph under your control.  
Cost: $25 per person. Includes remote control car and instruction.

Laser Tag

Laser tag at Pipestem Adventure Zone offers an indoor arena teeming with barriers and ramps to duck behind and play over as you dodge laser attacks (and dish out some of your own).  Use your skill and agility to avoid being “it.”  Glow in the dark designs, strobe lights, and music are integrated into the experience making it exciting for kids and adults of any age. Laser tag is great for date nights or family outings.

Cost: $25 per person. Includes Laser tag equipment and instructions.

Skeet Shooting

Skeet shooting at Pipestem Adventure Zone is an adrenaline-charged event for the novice or experienced shooter. Try your shot at a skeet flying at a distance of approximately 30 yards. When the clay pigeon takes flight and you have it in your sites, squeeze the trigger, feel the recoil, and watch as it bursts into hundreds of pieces in mid-flight. An orientation includes instructions on proper gun positioning, control and safety.

Cost: $40 per person. Includes gun, 26 shells, clay pigeons and ear plugs.  

Motor-assisted Electric Bikes

The joys of cycling are within reach for all with electric bicycles. These “e-bikes” get cyclists up and over hills with ease. The small, almost hidden engines and batteries allow for riding longer distances.

Cost: $30 per person. Includes bike and helmet.

Can’t choose just one? Consider the Adventure Zone Day Pass!

The Adventure Zone Day Pass allows you to book six  activities for an entire days-worth of exciting entertainment all for a single price of $84. It’s the best way to ensure a day of non-stop fun.

Book your family’s day at the Adventure Zone now!