Cabwaylingo State Forest: “West Virginia’s Diamond in the Rough”

The Hatfield-McCoy mountain region in southwestern West Virginia brims with colorful history and rich natural resources. The region, named after the famous feuding families, is home to one of the area’s greatest gems: Cabwaylingo State Forest. The forest’s unique name comes from a combination of letters from its four home counties: CABell, WAYne, LINcoln, MinGO.

If you’re like us and love history, you’ll be excited to know that this forest started as part of FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps’ initiative to rebuild forested land—an initiative that in turn actually created the West Virginia State Parks system.


The history of this state forest is present all around. Locals and visitors alike are drawn to Cabwaylingo’s scenic views and abundant greenery. The park features a number of hikes for nature lovers and many idyllic sheltered spots for picnicking. Along these trails, you can spot overhanging cliffs that once lent shelter to the area’s pioneers.

Across the forest’s expansive 8,100 acres, you can see a variety of wildlife, and hunting is allowed in season with proper licenses. Anglers will want to come back February-May to fish for trout in Twelvepole Creek.


Described by fans as “West Virginia’s Diamond in the Rough,” Cabwaylingo State Forest is beloved throughout the state and is chosen time and time again as the ideal place for family reunions, camping trips, hunting exhibitions and more. The forest also is the perfect place for a Thanksgiving-break getaway. Stop by for the day or stay for a weekend and experience the splendor of the Hatfield-McCoy mountain region. Bring your friends, your family and your pets!

Get Away to Cabwaylingo State Forest!