5 State Parks You Should Explore this Winter

What’s the best way to spark some life in your soul during the long winter months? Going out and filling your lungs with crisp, clean mountain air and exploring Almost Heaven West Virginia. Discover new places under the barren canopies of a still, quiet forest. Clear your mind and re-energize in winter’s crystalline glow at these cold-weather-approved state parks

1. Cathedral State Park

Cathedral State Park is known for its large virgin hemlocks that tower above the park’s hiking trails. Amble along the densely wooded path under the shelter of evergreen trees. Smell the freshness in the air and saunter to the symphony of cracking twigs and leaves beneath your feet. This state park is the ultimate meditative escape for anyone looking to find peace and serenity this winter.

2. Pinnacle Rock State Park

Rising 2,700 feet above sea level, The stunning rock formation that gives Pinnacle Rock State Park its name is made even more remarkable when the leaves are off the trees and the scale of this massive natural structure becomes more apparent. Pinnacle Rock State Park is host to many hiking trails, and the overlook atop the rock offers spectacular mountain views.

3. North Bend State Park

Enjoy a beautiful pastoral setting tucked among the rolling hills, lakes and streams of the Mid-Ohio Valley. North Bend State Park is a tranquil escape from the gray winter of the city. Enjoy over 26 miles of hiking and biking trails of varying difficulty. Whether you are looking for a leisurely winter stroll or something that turns up the heat on a chilly winter day, there is a trail at North Bend for you. After a day of exploring, retreat to your own cozy cabin atop a secluded ridge in a white pine forest. Curl up by a warm, stone fireplace and let your cares melt away.

4. Cedar Creek State Park

Cedar Creek State Park is nestled in a quiet valley in the rolling hills of central West Virginia. Wonder alongside the babbling creak and refresh your spirit with the smell of damp winter earth, pine, and cool air. The park is perfect for hiking and biking. It is also home to some interesting discoveries like an historic one-room schoolhouse and fully restored log cabin. Let your mind travel back to a simpler time where students followed the stream and trekked through freshly fallen snow to go learn the day’s lesson.

5. Cabwaylingo State Forest

One of the first parks established in West Virginia, Cabwaylingo State Forest is a densely forested retreat in the southern part of the state. There is something magical in the stillness of this forest in the winter. If you stop and listen, you can hear the soft sound of the snowflakes falling to the forest floor and the rustling of a deer moving through the brush. This secluded haven is perfect for hunting during the winter seasons. Before your hunt, make sure you have a license. Cabwaylingo is also perfect for hikers and bikers. Enjoy some winter solitude and stay at one of the Vacation Cabins. Each cabin comes with a fireplace and modern amenities—perfect for a relaxing escape.

Almost Heaven is beautiful all year round. So do not miss out on the opportunity to explore one of these unique state parks during the winter months.

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