West Virginia State Parks

Visit Mid-Ohio Region for Great Late Summer and Early Fall Events

The Mid-Ohio region features one of West Virginia’s hidden gems and most picturesque landscapes: North Bend State Park. Named for the horseshoe curve of the Hughes River’s North Fork, the park encompasses a wide array of breathtaking locales and peaceful niches.

Scenic Lake

The park’s serene 305-acre recreational lake provides guests with scenic views and a multitude of recreational opportunities. Take your boat out for one last spin, splash around in the water or picnic with loved ones along the shore. Within a month, the vibrant hues of fall foliage will transform the park into a sea of orange and yellow you won’t want to miss.

Endless Outdoor Recreation

North Bend is also home to an abundance of wildlife as well as incredible fishing streams and hiking trails. Through the middle of the park, along the old B&O Railroad bed, runs the North Bend Rail Trail: a 72-mile path ideal for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Cozy Accommodations

North Bend State Park offers white cedar cabins and a lodge equipped with meeting rooms and modern facilities. Thoroughly versatile, the park is the perfect location for weekend adventures, business meetings, family reunions and romantic getaways.

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