Wilderness Skills Saturdays

Cacapon Resort State Park Nature Center is hosting Wilderness Skills Saturdays, all starting at the Nature Center. Mountaineer Wilderness, LLC, will provide a full day of expert training and hands-on practice consisting of four individual 2-hr blocks. You may register for one block, or as many blocks as you like. Each block is open to adults and youths 12 and up when accompanied by an adult. The courses are fee based.

Courses are:

2-hr Edible Plants Hike. Explore Cacapon’s trails, fields, and woods searching out and identifying dozens of edible plants and trees. A great hike for those who have ever wanted to take up foraging or to be better prepared for survival. We’ll learn what’s edible and what’s not, and the best seasons for foraging different berries, leaves, buds, fruit, roots, stalks, and even inner bark.

2-hr Natural Cordage and Primitive Baskets Class. Discover primitive methods and materials used by the woodland tribes of Native Americans for turning natural materials into amazingly strong cord and primitive baskets. You’ll get to try your hand at making thread and string, and you’ll make a primitive berry basket to take home.

2-hr Back Country Navigation Workshop. Become knowledgeable at map and compass navigation and gain a complete understanding of natural navigation as a backup. With this training, you will never get lost in the wild, and you’ll always be prepared to navigate your way out of any trouble. This workshop is a huge confidence builder for getting ready for the outdoors.

2-hr Friction Fire Workshop. Fire is a top priority in every survival situation, so come let us help you learn to do it right every time. You’ll learn to make perfect tinder from the basic materials around you and practice fire making using several different methods. Come try your hand at the primitive bow drill and learn the essential techniques and methods for making friction fire.

Register for these courses online at www.mountaineerwilderness.com or email [email protected] Courses are fee based, and advanced registration is required.

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  • Start Date: June 8, 2019

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