Irish Road Bowling

Irish Road Bowling at Coopers Rock State Forest, located near Cheat Lake, Lakeview Golf Resort and with an overlook into Cheat River Gorge, a 12,713 acre forest with cliffs and 11 rustic picnic shelters. The location is ideal for Irish Road Bowling.

Bowling begins at 1:00 p.m. To learn more, call Jonas at Coopers Rock State Forest, 304-594-9024.

For camping reservations, call 1-833-WV-PARKS. For greater detail about the actual road bowling game, visit

About Irish Road Bowling. Irish Road Bowling is primarily played in County Armagh in Northern Ireland and in County Cork in Southern Ireland. It consists of a ball made of iron and steel that is heavy enough to pick up speed, yet small enough for any person to handle. Besides the basic rules and terms, all you do is hurl this 28 oz. “bowl” with an underhand motion over a 1 to 2 mile country road and see how far it goes! Scored like golf, the fewest number of shots from the start to the finish line wins.

The West Virginia Irish Road Bowling Association (WVIRBA) is a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded December 8, 2008, and also registered in 2008 with the Secretary of State of West Virginia. WVIRB’s mission includes preserving and protecting the ancient Irish sport of road bowling, also called Irish long bullets, in the State of West Virginia; to follow the highest standards of sportsmanship in all of our activities; to teach Irish road bowling to men, women, and children as a sport providing health and physical fitness; and to celebrate nature and the scenic beauty of the country roads of West Virginia.


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  • Start Date: May 2, 2020

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