Birding! Fall Migration Banding & Survey Weekend

Migratory bird banding weekend at Tygart Lake State Park is a great way to learn and identify birds, up close. It’s an outdoor opportunity, educational and fascinating.

Join Joey Herron, Certified Bird Bander and Jacob Jackson, Park Naturalist, Saturday and Sunday mornings to take part in observation and banding of various breeding and migrating birds of West Virginia. Learn to identify birds by both sight and sound! Learning use of binoculars is part of the morning conversation and activity. Search Herron Birding on Facebook to see his photography and bird identification sharing.

This is one of West Virginia’s most popular birding weekends that attracts visitors from across the United States to see bird species in the Tygart Lake area. There is no charge to attend the banding station and program which is located in the lodge area with easy access. Open to any age and the public. Pick up a WV Bird List and start checking off birds seen at Tygart Lake and throughout WV. You do not have to make a reservation to attend the program.

You don’t have to stay at Tygart Lake State Park to attend the banding activities. However, if overnight accommodations are needed, check this website for availability and then use the “Book Now” button for overnight reservations.

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Event Details

  • Start Date: September 26 - 27, 2020
  • End Date: September 27, 2020

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