4 ways to #OptOutside at a state park this Black Friday

The Thanksgiving holiday is all about being thankful for friends, family and the things we have. Then comes Friday and the cultural push to buy, buy, buy. If you’ve ever shopped on a Black Friday you probably know how stressful it can be to wait in a long line all night. This year, save yourself the trouble, stress and money and #OptOutside by spending the day with your loved ones at a West Virginia State Park.

When you #OptOutside, you give yourself the freedom to enjoy the simple things in life with people who really matter. A hike in the woods. Listening to a waterfall. Watching the sunrise. The TV you buy on clearance will only last a few years if you’re lucky. Memories you make at a state park with your friends and family last forever.

Here’s four ways you can #OptOutside at a West Virginia state park this Black Friday.

Enjoy outdoor adventures

Chasing down the best deals can get your heart pumping, but the excitement won’t last for long. Instead of racing around town burning your hard earned cash, #OptOutside and explore nature at a West Virginia state park. Don’t know which park to visit? Check out Watoga State Park

Watoga has 40 miles of trails to explore, 20 geocaches to discover and the Brooks Memorial Arboretum. And if you enjoy fishing, cast a line in Watoga Lake or one of the park’s cool, mountain streams. If you’re looking for a good deal (it is Black Friday, after all) spend the weekend in one of Watoga’s cabins and visit other state parks in the area, such as Droop Mountain Battlefield, Cass Scenic Railroad and Seneca State Forest. Where else are you going to get a four-for-one deal like that?

Hike or bike a popular trail

Trapped in a big and noisy crowd or free to roam through a peaceful forest? If the second sounds more appealing to you, #OptOutside this Black Friday and hit the trails at a West Virginia state park.

Hiking is the most popular outdoor activity at state parks. Almost every park has trails you can hike, but Pipestem Resort, Kanawha State Forest and North Bend State Park also offer great mountain biking opportunities. And if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, check out the 72-mile North Bend Rail Trail or the 78-mile Greenbrier River Trail.

See breathtaking views

Who needs retail therapy when you can get a dose of nature’s therapy by checking out the scenic views at a West Virginia state park? There’s so many to choose from. On a mountaintop to down in a river gorge. It’s hard picking one, so here’s four of the most popular state park views to check out this Black Friday:

Watch a spectacular sunrise

While everyone camps out at a store overnight or wakes up early to get in line, you can get a restful night’s sleep so you can get up to watch the sunrise. If you’ve never done it before, it’s a magical experience. Here’s a few tips for getting the most out of the experience:

Pick a location with a clear view of the horizon. Cacapon Mountain Overlook at Cacapon Resort State Park and the overlooks at Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park are good options.

Get there early. Wake up 30 minutes to a few hours before sunrise, depending on how far you need to travel. Stick around for at least a couple of hours. The sky goes through dramatic changes before, during and after sunrise.

Ready to #OptOutside this Black Friday? Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Plan a trip

    Visit your favorite park or choose one listed in this blog and plan a fun and relaxing trip.

  2. Book your stay

    Extend your holiday by spending the weekend in a cozy park cabin or comfy lodge room.

  3. Make memories that last a lifetime

    You can’t put a price on quality time with your loved ones. Save more than time and money when you #OptOutside this Black Friday and visit a West Virginia state park.

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